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Obama vs Bush Spending

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Could one of you, who are so very upset about our ex-Pres’s spending habits, please explain something?

On one hand you rant and rave about the spending that happened during the George W. Bush years.  For example, the bailout bill passed during his last few months on September 19, 2008.    On this you seem to want to assign all benefits to Obama.  But then at the same time you consistently try to tag the expenditures to Bush.

If you wish to tag the benefits to Obama, fine, but then Obama also tagged for the spending.

Democrats, with a supermajority, did not oppose or amend the first “Bush” bailout bill in either house, which they could have done.  So you really cannot blame the first bill’s spending on Bush when the majority of the funds got/get released during the Obama administration.   Thus your argument that “this spending happened under Bush’s watch” is just plain silly since Democrats both had then, and have now, the power to override previous bills passed.  Especially when money from that bill has not been released.


Written by PhilCaldwell

July 11, 2010 at 10:16 pm

Posted in Politics

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