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Victory Lap or Huge Humiliating Defeat?

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I’m still enjoying this latest grumbling by our pals in WaDC.
President Obama groused this morning that pulling the troops from Iraq is “not a victory lap.”  And he’s right.  It certainly is not a victory lap for Democrats, because Democrats are looking like they were wrong about whether a Democracy could work in Iraq or not.
Perhaps I’m biased on this due to my education and upbringing, but I was with President Bush on this decision from the start.  Contrary to all the political rhetoric from the left, this Iraq venture was what I would deem a “learned lesson from history.”   Like me, Bush was a history guy too, and we history guys apparently look at things differently than the rest of the world  does.   We learned, or should have learned, from wars our fathers and grandfathers fought,  that leaving bad guys in power with the potential to gain more power is not a wise thing to do.  Because …….. history has taught us (the hard way) that they will likely do more evil in the future.
You remember back in 2003 thru 2006 when it seemed Democrats were rooting for defeat?  Harry Reid declared “we are a defeated nation.”  Polosi said exactly the opposite of her previous on-the-record rhetoric during the Clinton years, where she argued that Saddam was a threat and needed to be stopped.   Howard Dean too, seemed to go through a metamorphosis once he say it was politically savvy to do so.
Then when all these prophecies failed to materialize,  and it looked like Bush had acted wisely as Iraq settled down, Democrats were furious and did everything they could to stop the success.  Including printing military secrets in the NY Times that might have brought sedition charges had hey done this 60 years earlier.
Obama the candidate promised to pull the troops within 18 months.  And he wasn’t saying “combat troops” when he made that promise, he was saying “troops.”
Let me speculate on what is going on: (I can do that right, since that’s what all of you have been doing about Bush’s motives for the past eight years while insisting your speculation is hard fact?). Likely what happened is that young and enthusiastic rookie idealistic Pres Obama went to the Joint Chiefs and said something like “Hey fellas, we’re going to pull all the troops and send them home!  Isn’t that wonderful! ”  At which the grumpy and crotchety joint chiefs said  “Uh …… well no son …… no we’re not going to do that.   We just built a shiny new $4 billion base here in this lovely country which we intend to both staff and run for decades.  Now go home and take that skateboard with you!”   Humiliated, overridden, scolded, young pres Obama then came up with this creative “combat troops” nonsense designed to dupe the really stupid and/or gullible.
Bottom line: There’s still 50,000 troops in Iraq. There will be thousands of troops in Iraq for years to come, just like there is in Korea and Japan and Germany.  Hence Obama actually did NOT keep his promise because his problem was unrealistic.  The threat in the Middle East is real, peace is not going to be the result of a nation that flees, the troops are stationed in Iraq to keep the peace, and no troops means no peace.  Wiser minds prevailed, he is showing wisdom by listening to those wiser minds, and here we are.
Just like Bush did, I might add.

Written by PhilCaldwell

August 31, 2010 at 1:58 pm

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