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Oregon Ducks 2010 Football Team Lunch for 1991-92 Washington Huskies?

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19 Oct 1991: Defensive tackle Steve Emtman of the Washington Huskies tries to break through the line during a game against the California Bears at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, California. Washington won the game 24-17.Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Yesterday, two nimrod ESPN announcers with bad haircuts and worse suits debated whether the 2010 Oregon Ducks Football team could have beaten the best defensive team to ever walk on the field, the 1991 Washington Huskies.

Once every Husky fan across Washington picked himself off the floor after a dozen minutes of side-splitting laughter, we fans yearned for that famed team that knocked off No. 9 Nebraska and No. 7 California on their way to total college football domination in every way possible before routing No. 4 Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

These two TV twirps claimed, “it would be a close game,” because “Oregon is the best offensive powerhouse we’ve ever seen.” Quite an ironic claim, given that this is the same argument they were trying to make before the Ducks barely limped by California last month.

You remember that game right? The one where Oregon waddled past an unimpressive 5-4 Golden Bear team by a mere two points.  And that required a stutter-step miscue by California kicker Giorgio Tavecchio in the fourth quarter to erase what would have been the go-ahead field goal.

The absurdity of such a suggestion is blasphemy deserving of torture and stake-burning. The Ducks are hardly qualified to clean the jocks of Steve Entman and company, let alone last four quarters on a football field against them.

And the arrogance of these pip-squeaks! To think a newly arrived Duck team could ever compare to the storied history of the Huskies is enough to give even the most apathetic Washington fan stomach cramps, especially since the Ducks have written some of the worst football history ever known to mankind!

1782104_crop_340x234Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Wikipedia says this about that Husky team (learned only after several hostile pop-ups by Wikimedia Executive Director Sue Gardner trying to leverage cash donations):

“The  Washington Huskies football team have won 15  Pacific-10 ConferenceChampionships, seven  Rose Bowl Titles and four National Championships. Washington’s all-time record of 653-398-50 ranks 20th in all-time winning percentage and 21st in all-time victories.

“The team also has two of the nation’s  longest winning streaks and holds the Division I-FBS unbeaten record at 63 consecutive games.”

OK, now let’s compare this to Oregon Duck history.

Hey what’s this?  I see that the Oregon Ducks began their stellar tradition of running up football scores against weaker teams back in 1910, when Chip Kelly’s great-great grandfather, Benito Kelly, ordered a hurry-up offense with a scant 108-point lead late in the fourth quarter against the University of Puget Sound to win 115-0.

Kelly claimed it wasn’t his fault because the 1910 BCS would have punished his team in the final poll.

According to cash-strapped Wikipedia, the Oregon Ducks have won six  Pacific-10 Conference Championships (counting this year’s), one single  Rose Bowl (during the first world war era) and zero National Championships. Oregon’s all-time record of 585-474-47 ranks so far down that there is no overall ranking.

258874_crop_340x234Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Ironically however, the all-yellow uniforms the Ducks wore in 2009 are rated the number one cause of all eye problems in 2010.

Suppose it’s for those reasons that Oregon and the rest of the sissy Pac-10 conference were all happy when the Huskies stumbled to 0-12 under Stanford coach Tyrone Willingham a couple years ago?  Finally revenge for the oft-slaughtered and maimed Pac-10 speed bumps.

All told and put into proper perspective, it means the 2010 version of the Oregon Ducks is like a sensitive men’s figure skating team wearing pink leotards, in comparison to the 1991 Huskies. The Ducks aren’t worthy of cleaning the ’91 Husky toilets with tooth brushes.

ESPN ran a survey a decade ago in which readers rated that particular Husky team as the third-best ever in college football, behind only the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers and the 1994 Penn State squad.

Most die-hard Husky homers would probably admit, however, that the early 1970’s USC teams could have given any college team fits, as well as some of the mid-century Notre Dame teams.

But the Ducks?

Well I’m sorry, but if LaMichael James tried one of his finesse tip-toe sally runs up the middle against Steve Emtman and two-time All-American Dave Hoffman, he likely would be picking his head out of the 15th row end stands mixed with chips and corn nuts.

POLL: Which team would win?

  • 1991-92 Washington Huskies

  • 2010-11 Oregon Ducks


Total votes: 761

If you remember, nobody ran up the middle against Steve Emtman and the 1991 Huskies.  Oh sure, there were those fools who tried, like Michigan’s QB Elvis Grbac in the 1992 Rose Bowl or Arizona’s George Malauulu to start the 1991 game, but few tried that more than a couple times.  None were so foolish.

Perhaps because Emtman and Hoffman were the anchors of a UW defense that allowed just 67.1 rushing yards and 9.2 points per game, both numbers among the best in NCAA history?

Emtman was just the ninth collegiate player ever to win both the Outland and Lombardi Trophies in the same year, and was the fourth-place finisher in voting for the 1991 Heisman Trophy before becoming the No. 1 overall pick in the 1992 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

And it wasn’t only the opposition that got under Steve Emtman’s skin. In 1991, Sports Illustrated ran a story describing how Emtman had no problem getting in the face of his teammates if they didn’t perform up to then-Husky standards, in both games and every day practices.

In fact, 76,304 Nebraska fans, who certainly had seen their share of national championship appearances in the 1980’s and 90’s, gave that same 1991 UW team a standing ovation as the Huskies exited the field following their landmark come-from-behind road win in Lincoln over the then-No. 9 ranked Cornhuskers.

The same Cornhuskers who the previous year had the nation’s number one rated offense!

258948_crop_340x234Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The 1991 Washington football team led the Pac-10 in total offense, rushing offense and scoring offense.

Even after Rose Bowl MVP Mark Brunell missed the first two-thirds of the season with a broken knee suffered during spring practices, the Huskies rolled.

And there was sensational receiver Orlando McKay, running back Beno Bryant, future NFL all-pro Lincoln Kennedy, middle guard D’Marco Farr, bruising linebacker Chico Fraley, future NFL Pro Bowl cornerback Dana Hall, Darius Turner, Mario Bailey, Donald Jones and too many other stars to mention.

It was simply a great team whose time had come, and although that team never had a shot at co-champ wuss Miami, few in Huskyville doubt what the outcome would have been.

Nor do they doubt what would happen to the 2010 Oregon Duck offense’s prowess if they faced a defense as stout as the 1991 Washington Huskies.

So Oregon, our Husky hats are off to your so-far undefeated team heading into the BCS National championship, but let’s keep things in perspective shall we?

The 1991 Husky team would be spitting out your feathers in two quarters. I’m sorry. Don’t shoot the messenger here. That’s just the way it is.

So yes ESPN, there actually is a huge difference between the 1991 Washington Huskies and the 2010 Oregon Ducks.

The Huskies were a much better team.


Oregon Duck Football: Scholars and Moral Examples For Our Kids!

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for our Pac-12 pals to the south, word comes that one of the other passengers in the vehicle pulled over by police last spring doing 118 mph, was none other than Darron Thomas.

Not some high school walk-on proud to carry the dirty jockstrap bin to the laundry just to be around this national title-contending BCS band of misfits, but Oregon’s starting ball-chucker and fan-proclaimed “best quarterback the planet has ever seen,” one Darron Thomas.

And all this after fellow Duck braniac and future rocket scientist, starting defensive corner Cliff Harris, committed this act with a suspended driver’s license.

But there’s more from our feathered waddlers from “Deep in the Forest.”

When (should-have-been) arresting officer noted that the vehicle interior smelled suspiciously like the mosh pit of a Van Halen rock concert, he muttered “Wonder whose got the marijuana?”  At which the future Duck AD and current suspended role model Cliff Harris piped up saying “There’s no pot in here cuz we smoked it all!”

Meanwhile protégée coach Chip Kelly, in the process of divulging this knuckleheadedness to the press last spring, apparently failed to mention that team leader and example-setter QB Darron Thomas was also in the car with these nitwits. It was almost as if it were a deliberate omission.

107967117_crop_340x234Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

You remember fellow role-model Chip Kelly right?  The big football scandal he’s up to his elbows in?  Recruiting shenanigans and payoffs, $25 grand paid with written checks, hot high school recruits claiming they were enticed to come to Oregon though devious means. Duck Denials.

It’s gotten very ugly, and has the NCAA rules enforcement salivating like bloodhounds on a fox chase.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Oregon is about to get pummeled by LSU in their season opener in front of 100,000 crazed and drunken fans wearing cowboy hats in George W Bushville.

Proving he’s all over this situation and determined to repair his tarnished reputation, when asked about this latest fiasco by an Oregonian beat writer last week, super coach Kelly dryly responded “I’m not concerned with Darron Thomas at all.”

Well of course he isn’t, and why should he?  He’s got Will Lyles’ Texas-based scouting service sling-shotting recruits his way under-the-table.  Why should he care when he could just reload with four-star recruits ripped off from USC and Texas?

But the more important issue is what all this is doing to schoolchildren who look to adults for examples in how to live life.

“Kids, when you’re old enough to earn a living, life will be much easier if you find yourself a cash-loaded corporation bilking the poor for huge profits, done in some faraway third world country where nobody can see what they are doing!

“Have them donate a few hundred million for new stadiums and snazzy uniforms with fluorescent yellow day-glow socks!

“Oh sure you may have to bake a few pot-filled brownies for staff joy rides through quiet neighborhoods (in sparkling new “rental” vehicles), but you and your buddies will reap the rewards!”

Meanwhile a deathly silence engulfs those surrounding Duckville, with tolerant alumni and ambivalent current students prioritizing stolen bandwagons for a few potential wins.

Yep. It’s hard not to admire the University of Oregon and the Duck football program after this offseason!


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August 18, 2011 at 10:03 am

Completely Ducked: Why Oregon Fans Should Panic Over NCAA Investigation

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SEATTLE - OCTOBER 20: Johnathan Stewart #28 of the Oregon Ducks carries the ball during the game against the Washington Huskies at Husky Stadium on October 20, 2007 in Seattle, Washington. The Ducks defeated the Huskies 55-34. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

As the NCAA posse of investigators and auditors gallops out west to check out the growing rumored recruiting scandal in Eugene, programs that once were in the cross-hairs of this storied institution are grimacing.

They know what follows, and it ain’t pretty!

Rarely does the NCAA gestapo return to their multi-million dollar offices without incriminating evidence. As we’ve seen time and again, “due process” is a foreign concept to our pals running the show in Indianapolis.  If they don’t have evidence, they just might suddenly “discover” new evidence—in places not on the radar today.

Let’s face it: Oregon’s biggest crime was winning.

When college football programs dwell in the hinderlands of loserville, rarely does the NCAA come a-knockin’. But when those same programs suddenly start to win, and win big, red flags shoot off the black-rimmed glasses and pocket-protectors of the nerds hired to police all of this.

It can be like Dwight Schrute on steroids.

Guys who get their kicks from busting people for jaywalking, love everything about this system of thuggery and bullies.

The NCAA routinely uses “unnamed sources” and innuendo as key points of evidence brought to send mighty football programs to their knees.  They seem particularly attracted to felons with long histories of criminal activity, as the key prosecution witness to kangaroo court proceedings.

108108112_crop_340x234Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When it comes to charges and accusations towards alleged football shenanigans, this is not the US judicial system at work. It’s the NCAA; an organization that seems more prone towards the techniques of China or the USSR.  If you’re a defendant, may the Force be with you!

Now me being an incredibly humble Husky alum that all Duck fans appreciate like rope burns or cold sores, I actually feel for you guys on this one.

It’s not a fair process, and it almost never turns out just. But I did warn you guys about it two months ago, and you all mocked and scoffed while suggesting I do abnormal physical things to myself.

And yet here we are, hardly a month later, and those dwelling in Duck practice facilities are suddenly sweating bullets on this frigid day in the Northwest.

As they should, what with the NCAA’s track record when it comes to those they investigate.

According to rumors, agents Will Lyles and Baron Flenory have a bit of explaining to do, as do running backs Lache Seastrunk, LaMichael James, and even quarterback Darron Thomas seem to have suspicious ties to these two.

The prevailing accusation is that there may have been more to the Ducks landing hot recruits, than the new facilities and designer uniforms provided by the head guy at Nike.

Likely Outcome of NCAA Investigation Against the Oregon Ducks:

ProbationNothingSubmit Vote vote to see results

Five star recruit DeAnthony Thomas, for example, who just last month shunned USC for the confines of Duckary, has similar ties to this shady Will Lyles character and his “Complete Scouting Services” of Houston.  Lyles allegedly pocketed $25 thousand, five times the normal fee, according to the just-discovered “state of Oregon expenditure records.”

But there’s more.  Defensive backs Cliff Harris and Dior Mathis, receiver Tacoi Sumler, and new recruit Anthony Wallace all attended or have ties to Baron Flenory and hisNew Level Athletics organization.

If recent history is any indication, those named in scandals are the least of an institution’s soon-to-be troubles.  Once the NCAA and their pack of wanna-be FBI nimrod investigators make the scene, rarely do storied institutions escape unscathed.

No further do the Ducks need to look for what’s coming next, than to the recent history of the University of Washington, who got socked with crippling sanctions for providing huge recruiting advantages like fruit baskets and cheap t-shirts to high school studs in the mid 1990’s.

Based on a newspaper report (which is all it took to garner the attention of the trigger-happy NCAA) starting QB Billy Joe Hobert’s loan from private businessman Charles Rice may have been a violation of the rules.

In the end, Hobert’s loan had nothing to do with the penalties eventually levied against the Huskies, which is precisely why Oregon Duck supporters should be alarmed today!

Instead, it was a series of bogus charges within articles printed after the story broke (in the LATimes by reporters Danny Robbins and Elliot Almand) that ultimately doomed the Huskies.

Very few of the articles were true.  Nevertheless, the anti-UW rhetoric, supplied by former released disgruntled players with an axes to grind, provided the testimony the NCAA ulitmately treated as sacred scripture in convicting Don James’ football program.

USC didn’t have much of a chance when the Reggie Bush scandal broke either. The NCAA showed up with what appeared to be a pre-loaded case of assumed guilt, long before the evidence was presented.

Former USC assistant Todd McNair claimed the NCAA’s “Committee of Infractions” made a flawed case worse, by violating their own set of rules for procedure and evidence. In the now-infamous Rebuttal of Todd McNair, McNair insisted the NCAA used evidence that was “mutually inconsistent with contradictory findings.”

The point being Duck fans, that before you casually dismiss all these rumors as jealousy by rival fans, you might want to consider how all these probation situations first originated. Credible witnesses and/or actual evidence has never been a prerequisite for what ultimately comes down by the NCAA.

Which is why knees should knock when the NCAA merely shows up to investigate.

Rarely do our buddies at the NCAA’s enforcement office leave without some sort of incriminating evidence, either real or imagined.  If they can’t find incriminating evidence against your program, they’ll assume they just haven’t looked in the right places yet. They’ll keep at it until they find something.

Hence if you’re a bonafied Duck fan, it would be unwise to celebrate when things seem to fizzle away.  We’ve seen this process too many times before.

When the NCAA suddenly appears quiet, that’s when you especially need to get concerned.

It NEVER fizzles away!

For more on this subject, see USC Sanctions: Unjust Penalties Against UW a Decade Ago Might Force NCAA’s Hand at

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